Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mehndi Tattoos construction of roads into the

Mehndi Tattoos construction of roads into the object of the second day at the spa Mequon, Wisconsin. I was in my body art Mehndi Tattoo. This procedure is not difficult. Julia would like to mix your own henna paste, but is also available in pre-mixed bottles.

Since the products of natural henna plant, and ready for the stigma of different shades of brown to dark brown and sometimes red. And you can find some pre-made blends of color, but the colors would be artificial, in contrast with the ancient art of Mehndi.Use a small bottle similar to those used for dyeing fabrics, Julie quickly copies the design, I decided, hands free, not using a form. When I saw his hand was stable at that speed, and laughed, “comes with practice.” Although most people opt for traditional Mehndi designs that can provide you with any design the client wants. Less than 15 minutes after the start, and had black, swollen by the wrists and gave me the opportunity, or simply air dry. Patience is not a powerful force, and after 5 minutes, I changed my mind and asked the hairdryer.
Julia explained the treatment they have a tattoo. Once that was removed in a dry combination of half lemon juice, sugar and a half. “Acidity regulators lemon juice will darken the color, sugar and lemon juice will help you keep up, both also help to moisten the pasta, which also helps in the process of darkness.” I had to leave the dough for about 5 hours, and avoid moisture. Pasta and flakes easily, and olive oil to destroy the rest of the batter. As a result, tattoo and lasts 2 to 4 weeks depending on how often and what kind of soap used for washing.
While doing my research on the history of Mehndi, I’m lucky I know of my new henna tattoos. Now I am sure the evil eye and black magic, jinn and damaging many other dangerous forces of the supernatural. The art of applying henna (Mehndi) is due to at least 5000 years. He grew up in Egypt, the Middle East, and was extended in India for Muslims. The use of more traditional Mehndi for special occasions and holidays, weddings, births, deaths, and until the first menstruation. During these events, life, and women are more vulnerable to evil spirits, and the use of henna is a form of protection. The individual projects of special importance, and some good luck, health and fertility and the sun and moon, etc. Art is now a popular wedding site in the Unit

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