Friday, June 24, 2011

Pastal Eye Make Up Spring 2011 Trends

Spring 2011 Trends for Pastal Eye Make Up, One of the hottest eye makeup trends for the spring season 2011 is Pastal eye makeup trend. This make up trend is perfect for everyone. The Pastel colored makeup has always managed to add more warmth to facial features. As the eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul and and by bringing the eyes out through the use of makeup we attract attention towards one of the most beautiful parts of the face.
Different people have different color of eyes and they can’t get benefit from the same eyeshadow colors but the pastel colored makeup can be a perfect choice for most the young women. Depending on the occasion and personal preference New pastel colors can be applied lightly or heavily. For the casual occasions and day makeup it is recommended to go for a light makeup and the pastel colors used to boost the warmth of facial features are applied lightly, for a subtle effect.

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