Friday, August 26, 2011

Feet Mehndi Design

In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to look different from the others, especially during festivals and ceremonies such as weddings. And when we speak of looking different and beautifying body parts, the feet is an important portion of the body that has to be adorned and beautified gorgeously as well. Imagine having a beautiful face and hands, but feet that are not taken care of, it would not fit at all I you ask me. Thus one of the most effective ways out there to beautify your feet is through the application of henna, or mehndi! Fundamentally, there are two main types of henna to choose from, namely the white henna and the black mehndi. In terms of style and designs, you have three major variants to choose from namely the Indian mehndi, the Pakistani mehndi and the Arabic mehndi. Wondering how to do henna designs beautifully? Worry not as this article would help you answer your how to henna questions. Firstly, you need to be able to have your henna ready with you. For this purpose, you could either purchase ready-made henna, or proceed to make your own natural henna. If you opt to prepare your own henna, you need to get henna leaves and grind them into powder first. Next, you would need to put the powder into a bowl that would not stain (or a disposable container), and add a little bit of jasmine oil as well as boiling hot water into the bowl. If you need your henna to stay fresh for long periods of time, a little bit of lemon or lime juice should be added.

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