Monday, March 28, 2011

Indian Mehndi Designs

and Pakistani weddings, the celebration lasts for days, some even weeks! These weddings are without doubt flamboyant and joyous occasions, and people celebrate these weddings so grandly that very few communities around the world can compare to the grandeur and level of celebration that is showcased by these weddings. And when you have Indian or Pakistani weddings, not only the family are invited, but all the friends and neighbours as well! These weddings have parties, songs, danceshen you attend a Pakistani or Indian wedding, you would realize that all the women that are related or close to the bride or bridegroom would have mehndi designs on them, mehndi designs that make them more gorgeous that they already are. Decorating the bride with natural henna is without doubt compulsory, nevertheless the girls and women around them take the liberty to apply mehndi designs on themselves as well, usually on the hand and feet, but some do apply on other body parts as well such as the legs and the arms.
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Indian Mehndi Designs

The application of mehndi designs is probably not synonymous with western weddings, but Indian and Pakistani weddings are never complete without these mehndi designs! Pakistani mehndi and Indian mehndi designs usually adorn the feet and hands of women that attend weddings in many different shapes and colors, though black mehndi designs as well as dark red mehndi designs are the most common. These short term tattoos would usually last for two to three weeks, and would fade after a maximum of one month. These

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