Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pakistani Mehndi DesignHenna Body Painting And Tatoos

ery popular in India Pakistan and many Muslim Countries. Girls make Mehndi Design on there hands, feet and on there dace sometimes. Muslim girls like to make Mehndi Design on Eid or celebration occasion and Indian girls on wedding or on some special occasionThe Mehndi of Pakistani for Bridal is one of the most popular. Mehndi is prepared by grinding the dry henna leaves into a cate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally it was applied to the hands and feet of ladies preparing for special auspicious ceremonies. The application of Henna is completely natural, non-permanent, painless and without any side-effects . While traditionally it had largely been the ornamental preserve of the ladies , men are increasingly finding it a better alternative topermanent tattoos.
Some of the most regularly seen henna tattoos are done on the hands and feet. Though some people are leery to place permanent art on their hands or feet, these designs can easily be moved to the upper arms or legs. The designs that are used for hands and feet are often highly intricate and fantastic in their detail. Many of thesetattoos feature symbols that are meant to represent feminine beauty, such as flowers, long slender vines or the moon. They may also show elaborate hearts; one example of this is the ‘Goddess of Love’ symbol, which may seem relativelyvery fine powder and then maki

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