Friday, May 21, 2010

Angel Tattoo

Tattoos are very popular among girls and boys equally these days. You can choose the best one for yourself from a variety of designs and tattoos available on the internet. Free tattoo designs are available in downloadable for you to choose from. If you are a man, you can choose a very masculine image like a cross, or an animal or an elaborate Celtic tattoo but if you are a woman, you can go for something that is purely feminine. The feminine subtle and soft looking tattoo compliments the soft nature of a woman and makes them look good. Usually women like small and less complicated tattoos than the men. One of the most common tattoos loved by women is the angel tattoo. The angel tattoos are hugely popular as they can be made colorful and look pretty and feminine and do not require much space to be drawn.

Angel TattooFairies and heart tattoos are equally admired among girls. They like to bring out their soft inner side to the world and go for angel tattoo to show their angelic side. But you should not be surprised to see many men going for angel tattoo to show their subtle, spiritual side as well. It’s like having a personal angel drawn on your body, the angel tattoos are drawn to protect the soul from falling into evil hands. Though the depiction of angels says that they are lighter creatures who have wings and are illuminated with a glow, the angel tattoos are at times little far fetched from this popular belief.

Angel TattooEven though the angel tattoos have religious implications, you need not associate the angel tattoos to a specific religion. Angel tattoos can be drawn to represent emotions like love, sorrow, cheerfulness, joy etc. While many angel images depict innocence as their primary theme, many girls like to portray a sensuous angel image on their body to show their passionate and wild side. You can get a tattoo with an angel holding a hard or simply trying to fly or lying on a cloud or standing with the hands enclosed in the middle. There are various designs that you can choose and associate to yourself through the tattoo.

However, the common fact about angel tattoos remains the same, they preach the message from god and generally mean good and not evil. So when you go for an angel tattoo, you are sure to spread a cheerful and peaceful message to all.

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