Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dragon Tattoos Be a Part of Your

The Eastern Asian traditions include the making of dragon tattoos especially on the backs and arms of the men and women. Originating in the martial arts practices, there are several Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese tattoo designs which cater to the interests of the people. These tattoos have now slowly started making movements towards the West where they are being used as symbols of power and individuality. The tattoos look very striking and are made in a variety of colors which look very colorful. Although they are used mostly by men, some women also like to project their power of personality by inking themselves with a dragon tattoo.

Dragon TattoosEven though the origin of the dragon tattoos can be traced back to the East, a number of tattoo types are now being integrated with them by the people of the West. You can find dragons in every form of tattoo including the flower tattoo designs too. Some Celtic crosses also have dragons wrapped around them. By doing this, the tattoo artist tries to create a different and lasting impression in the minds of the onlooker. The tattoo becomes really unique and becomes a part of the personality of the wearer.

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