Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tattoos With Image Japanese Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoo design suffers from the opposite preference when all forms and varieties of tattoo patterns generally. The whole time, space and culture, with the bird stood as a symbol of freedom and power of the Spirit, soul, beauty. Flight oven in the sky green, birds were considered closer to the gods of heaven, and in some cultures, which sees it as animals, so the evil spirits of the heavens are above them.

days of old, received a hero is often accompanied by birds such as quality leaders in pursuit of fiends, ogr, dragon and monster. A number of good against the jadis, birds can fly further and sent spies say hero appeared obstacles, so stay almost legendary phrase, "minuskul amount of bird informed me"!

tatouaj birds are also popular because of the special background of religion as a mystical properly. Birds can be found in the most recent in any era in history; wood sculptures of birds and continues through the ancient Egyptian tombs were found in the pyramid, bedecking Arapaho Ghost Dance costumes, in their traditional African ritual and religious marriage around. portrayals of Christian cheruben and angels with wings proven bird synonym. As good as ever, birds, symbols of the absolute requirements of life, so many buyers were forced to go for bird tattoo design is very original in this tatouaj.

In general, birds tattoo design may consist of a pair of birds, drawing together. They tend to be opposite in characteristics, just do black, brown, white, big, small. This will automatically signal the nature of a double in the world where there is a sadness to complete happiness. Where the night for a play day. In the case of a more beautiful and evil is also represented by birds, for example, when you own a bird tattoo bird design support snakes.

Decidedly, there are several results that the bird, which is totally normal. In China, the bird is marked niao, which spells more of the penis, which remains the sexual overtones that bird tatouaj them. Also, allow me to translate the double cock or dick or penis date back to the era from the year-old Roman. Some birds have a very unpleasent portrayals of this effect. Germany, poliman called wild as a bird! "Bird-brain" is a lot more to know &wshyp; attacks on Western World, although many homeowners do not associate this type of terrible impression of the project bird tattoo

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